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"The cub at the end was/is a male/Kopa because the official books say so!!!"

1. Most of the official books from 1994 state it's a boy, but it matters not because this book is equally official and states it's a girl!

2. The official book "A Tale of Two Brothers" wherein Kopa first appears, tells a story of Rafiki arriving to Pridelands for the first time when Mufasa is already a teenager. But this book this book is equally official and states that Rafiki had met Mufasa when Mufasa was a cub. As the last mentioned is equeally possible truth and contradicts Kopa's family history, the cub in the film is not Kopa.

3. The official book "A Tale of Two Brothers" wherein Kopa first appears, states that Mufasa's father named Zazu's mother and every future generation of her family as the stewarts to the kings of Pridelands. But the equally official book "Friends In Need" states that Mufasa personally named Zazu as his stewart after he personally remarked the bird's usefulness. As the last mentioned is equally possible truth and contradicts Kopa's family history + the cub could as well be a girl in its story - the cub in the film is not Kopa.

RESULTS IN: The book universe supports the film's creators' genderless-Fluffy vision. (In the 1993 movie script it was refered to as just "THE CUB" with no gender reference, and still in 1995 and 2003 the film's creators called the cub a unisex nickname "Fluffy" and made no gender reference.) Also Simba's Pride's makers have officially confirmed that in their story Fluffy is Kiara. In this official interview they say "It starts off where the first film left us with a twist - you think it's a king but it's a queen!" And remark also that he says that we THINK it's a boy, not that it actually was in the film itself.

SO, the cub is in fact:

- A BOY AND A GIRL in the book universe.
As in the books and the movie(s) are seperate entities because one character can't have two genders in one entity.

- A GIRL in the entire movie universe storyline which includes The Lion King and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.
As in Kiara because TLK2:SP's official trailer blends the cub from the end to Kiara and again one character can't have two genders/identities in one story.

- GENDERLESS in the purest canon (the first film) because its creators refered to it in utterly unisex way in everything; the script, the movie, the commnentary track.
As in it is whichever gender a fan prefers, becoming your original character and not a canon gender.

You're entitled to have, state and keep your opinion that the cub was/is a boy in the film too - but PLEASE stop claiming that your opinion is also an official fact. Because it's not. And in the end whether you think it's possible or not for it to be a girl, it is anyway, as some official facts have turned it into a girl.

In fact, it's a girl more officially than a boy because it's been stated a boy only in the book universe and never in the movie universe, whereas it's been stated a girl in both, the movie universe and the book universe.

Thus, Kiara did not replace Kopa, Kiara did not replce a boy, the gender was not changed; because in the movie universe the gender simply did not officially exist until Kiara was created.
I originally published this at Fanpop as bendaimmortal and at The Lion King Source as ElChivato.

See also "The Lion King books, not canon" that focuses on The Six New Adventures books: [link]

I've made icons, signature pictures, wallpapers and other such fan graphics of The Lion King. You can find and comment on ALL of them at my PhotoBucket album: [link]
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MauEvig Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I'm glad someone explained it.
I'm actually glad Kiara was a girl, and I'm tired of people whining about how Simba's cub wasn't a boy. The gender shouldn't even matter anyway, girls can make just as good of leaders as boys can. I think that's why people are all butt hurt over Kiara, they've got an issue with the next of kin being female.
I think it's all about sexism anyway and that's why people want the unofficial Kopa over Kiara.
By the way the link doesn't work, can you repost it by any chance?
BenDaImmortal Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012
Thanks. :) Yeah, at least part of it might be about sexism.

Which link do you mean? Both linsk work for me. The Photobucket link takes you to the main album (wherein only the screenshot of Alex Simons' e-mail belongs to me, the stamps are made by other people.) But see there's a list of sub-albums on the right. They include most of the fan graphics I've made.
Kristanni20X6 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remember on the way to a basketball game, my friend and I watched the Lion King and we saw the very end. I asked her "Is the cub a boy or a girl" she said "it's a girl because she wasn't "baptised" (like Simba was)" What are your thoughts on that?
BenDaImmortal Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011
I think the fact that it doesn't have the fruit juice on its forehead at a point when the only known baby boy in that film did have, and the fact that it has black ear rims at a point the only known boy did not + how a female lion does have ear rims too...

...were details to make the cub come off as as girl. But as they also made its facial features so simba-like and its fur coat golden-brown, it results in a genderless design. Like, at that point there was no proof of if the details that differ from baby Simba, were gender related or just random stuff for a 5-second character that didn't have a deeper purpose, but a viewer could make them about gender if wanted to and would not be wrong.

Kudos to your friend for paying attention to a detail most don't seem to. I've heard arguments saying that it's a boy because boys get the fruit juice - and when I point out that in that logic the cub is a girl because it does NOT have the fuuit juice, they just can't admit that their logic was flawed, but just go back to the old "you have your opinion, I have mine" and "I am entitlrd to my opinion". As if anyone ever said otherwise. :D
MauEvig Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think the ear tips make that much of a difference. Sarabi has the black tips on her ears. :)
Also Rafiki did give Kiara fruit juice after her presentation in TLK II, but not at the end of TLK I. I think they just wanted a quick presentation at the end and didn't care about details.
Maybe he just does it different from cub to cub and it doesn't matter if it's male or female. *shrugs*
Ah well.
Kristanni20X6 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And as we can see in the sequel, Kiara only get the fruit juice. Simba got the fruit juice and sand.

So Girls: Fruit juice (after being lifted up)
Boys: Fruit juice and sand (before being lifted up)

Also, I've seen a review here about Lion King 2 and one of their complaints was something around the lines of "This is so inconsistent, why wasn't Kiara bapitised before she was presented, why is the ceremony taking place at night rather when the sun comes up" I didn't comment on that but I thought to myself and no offense to the guy, "That's not a revelvant complaint" because those were small details that didn't affect the plot of the movie. Maybe the ceremony between boys and girls slightly differ. As with the time of the ceremony, maybe the animals in the second movie got the memo eariler
MauEvig Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's the latter. The sun does come up during both Kiara's and Simba's ceremonies or so I thought.
I also didn't think the fruit juice thing was that significant. They both got the fruit juice. The funny part though was that Timon and Pummbaa thought Kiara was a boy at first. XD
I think maybe Rafiki just does something special for each cub to make their ceremonies significant.
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